What are the hardware requirements?

A typical setup per room will consist of a:
  • Desktop/Laptop/Chromebook
  • TV or monitor placed in the room
  • HDMI cable or Chromecast to connect the computer to the TV
We recommend using a TV, at least 19" running at 1080p. TVs have the advantage of coming with mounting hardware and built-in speakers.

Do you need to be online to run ERM?

No, once ERM is loaded, it will be cached locally and not require an internet connection any longer.

Can I run multiple rooms from the same computer or do I need one for each?

It is possible to run multiple rooms if you have multiple HDMI outputs, or using Chromecast devices. While this is possible, we recommend a single computer per room, as this makes the GM's job easier, creates an organized control room, and allows for a significantly lower cost of hardware. Using something as cheap as a $150 (or less on sale!) chromebook is actually a better value than purchasing a more expensive machine capable of driving multiple independent games.

Does ERM run on iPad or Android tablets?

Yes, and we even have three ways which you can use them! Our standard tablet version is a stripped down version of the full blown desktop game master software, and can run on (both the control and display side) iOS and Android tablets. Our Self Guided Escape Room App loads a fully offline, player driven experience complete with clock, built in hints, and scoring! Finally, you can use various apps to treat your tablet of choice as an extended monitor of your computer, and display the full desktop version right on your tablet! We recommend a full size iPad for this use.

Can you control rooms remotely from off site?

Yes, you can control ERM from anywhere by taking control of the computer adjacent to the escape room via a remote desktop application. There are lots of free options for this, let us know if you need help!