What are the hardware requirements?

A typical setup per room will consist of a:
  • Desktop/laptop/Chromebook
  • TV or monitor to be mounted in the room
  • HDMI cable or Chromecast to connect the computer to the TV
We recommend using a TV, at least 24" running at 1080p. TVs have the advantage of coming with mounting hardware and built-in speakers.

Do you need to be online to run ERM?

No, once ERM is loaded, it will be cached locally and not require an internet connection any longer.

Can I run multiple rooms from the same computer or do I need one for each?

It is possible to run multiple rooms using Chromecast devices.

Does ERM run on iPad or Android tablets?

Because tablets are not currently able to drive a TV with unique content from the iPad, it is not yet possible to run ERM on a tablet, however we are working on a version which can be controlled without having any device physically connected to the TV.

Can you control rooms remotely from off site?

Yes, you can control ERM from anywhere by taking control of the computer adjacent to the escape room via Remote Desktop.