FREE Escape Game Leaderboard Software!

Create a beautiful, engaging, and fully customizable leaderboard and lobby entertainment system for your Live Escape Room, showing statistics about your room, with your own branding on an attractive TV display.
Usable on anything from an Apple TV, ChromeCast, Mac, Windows, Chrome-OS or even a Smart TV, the leaderboards app lets you use already existing hardware to show off your leaderboard display. Any device capable of displaying a web browser can run the escape room leaderboards.
All leaderboard data is automatically calculated and drawn from your room running statistics in the Game Master software, or manually entered if you are not subscribed to the Room Management package.
Setup is as simple as connecting a device to a TV or monitor via an HDMI, DVI, or VGA cable and pulling up our display app!
The display automatically refreshes as teams successfully complete rooms and place on the leaderboards to ensure immediate bragging rights.
Detailed backend statistics page displaying insights and in depth analytics on your escape game business.