The first Live Escape Game software in the industry.

Take control of your room communication and player interaction

More than just a timer and clue box

Game Master room control provides a customizable timer and communication boxy display for each and every live escape room, tailored to fit ambiance and theme.


Begin with an intro video. Utilize photo, audio, and video clues. Set the atmosphere with a background soundtrack. Integrate the monitor display by looping a background video.

Unlimited rooms for one low price

Per-location pricing lets you to open that new room been thinking about, without worrying about extra cost!

Powerful Automation

Intuitive events -> actions editor lets you play videos and trigger hardware props based on elapsed time and customizable buttons.

Hardware Integration

Trigger and react to any network based props including Raspberry Pi and Arduino based boards. Control the in-room lighting with Philips Hue LEDs.

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Digital Waivers

Get rid of paper forever!

Unlimited Waivers

Sign unlimited waivers for only $19.95/mo. Waivers will be stored for you forever in the cloud.

Sign On Any Device

Waivers can be signed on either an iPad or Android based tablet. Waivers can also be signed in an embedded form on your website.

MailChimp Integration

Automatically have email addresses imported into MailChimp, or export all collected data to CSV.

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Exclusive Benefits

Not just a single product

Our suite of integrated software brings everything you need into a single place, saving you time and money

Request a feature

Infinite customization: Our team of developers can create new features and functionality to suite your business upon request

Battle Tested

Our software is used and trusted by hundreds of escape room businesses across the globe

How we work

Mac/PC/Chromebook compatible
New features shipped constantly
Driven by your feedback
Same day phone/email support
Always available, no downtime