Philips Hue Lighting for Escape Games with Escape Room Master

Native Philips Hue light support makes a great addition to our Escape Game Software especially when coupled with our time based triggering system or event automation system. Hue bulbs are a cost effective method of controlling lighting levels both for brightness and color inside an escape room. When a prop is solved, lighting can be changed dynamically, dimming after cutting power to a rogue AI in a lab. Did an alarm get set off in a bank heist? Apply a red and blue glowing color scheme and play some background noise of approaching police forces. Is a bomb ticking down with only 2 minutes before detonation? Turn the entire room red!

These are but a few suggestions of what Hue integration is capable of inside your escape game and coupled with Escape Room Master. Each Hue Hub is able to support up to 50 lights, and can be configured wirelessly in a matter of minutes with the Philips Hue native app for iOS and Android. Setup on the ERM side takes seconds. Simply punch in the IP address of the bridge and assign groups and scenes to rooms. Scenes can be changed based on time or events in the room, or can be applied in an ad hoc fashion.


Philips Hue Automation