Improved Caching and offline functionality for ERM

Spotty internet connections plague us all, regardless of where we are in the world. Today we released an update with a far more permanent method of caching your audio, video, and image components to Escape Room Master. Running your offline escape game after restarting a computer, refreshing the app, changing rooms, and more will be much faster as well, since the files are not reloaded unless they are changed.

We have released a few other little features and enhancements as well, so be sure to take a look through your settings for other little tidbits which have been updated or added, especially in the game master and leaderboard settings. Amongst the new features are more options for starting the room and how it is managed, even further multiple soundtrack support, displaying time left vs time in the room for leaderboards, and more!


Escape Game Offline Caching Updates